Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kanro Suppanda Ume

Sometimes spite and anger are the best motivators. When you're wronged or feel slighted, you feel as if you need to do something about it. Whether it's something reckless or focusing your energy into something, you feel much better after letting off some steam. This candy made me want to post.

Kanro Suppanda. I've never heard of Kanro before, so I bought this on a whim. The look on the panda's face implies that this is a sour candy. It looks like there's a liquid inside the candy, which is always a joy. I don't know what flavor this is, but it has a flower next to its face and the package is pink, so I concluded that it was either peach or floral smelling.

The back doesn't indicate what this candy is besides the panda running around. The English label just says, "GUMMY CANDY" as they often do, so I still have no real indication of what this candy is.

It looks pretty good

...and on my initial taste I knew exactly what flavor this was: ume. This is not my first brush with ume flavored candy, and I assume that it certainly will not be the last. Okay, ignoring my prejudice against pickled plum flavored candy, I have to say that I didn't hate this candy. The flavor was a medium sour, not quite the first taste of a warhead, but some notches below it. It had a faint sweet flavor, which is nice, seeing as how the past few ume flavored candies I've tasted were either devoid of sweetness or were overpowered by their sour and salty counterparts.
I think the thing that really gets me when it comes to ume candy though is the smell. It's a smell I'm not used to and it makes me think I'm eating something savory or vegetable-like rather than a candy. I guess it would be all and good if I were to eat real umeboshi, which I've only had once, but something about this flavor of candy just turns me off.

Kanro Suppanda Ume - 5/10, probably higher if you like ume