Monday, August 16, 2010

Cheetos Cheesy Enchilada and Doritos Tailgate BBQ

I haven't done a review on Cheetos because I never really felt like Cheetos needed anyone to say if they were good or bad. It was generally accepted, I believe, that the available flavors of Cheetos were generally well recognized and there was no need for me to weigh in on them. However, whilst in a gas station I stumbled upon this:

I know that Cheetos had released smaller "bites" with different flavors, but I didn't think they would would have a new flavor for their curls. Personally, I think they had a real good thing going with the regular Cheetos and Hot Cheetos (also their Hot Cheetos w/ Lime). Ergo, this bag intrigued me and I purchased one on impulse

A Cheesy Enchilada Cheeto cheese curl

As the picture shows there's not much difference in terms of appearance between this flavor and regular Cheetos. The flavor is pretty much the same as well. There was a slight hint of some sort of spice but after the first bite it disappeared and it was like I was eating a regular Cheeto again. I'm conflicted by this because I really enjoy Cheetos, but I was expecting more from this. Due to disappointment, I'd probably rate this maybe a half score lower than I would regular Cheetos, because it raised my hopes and brought them down in a hurry.

Cheesy Enchilada Cheetos: 8/10

Next, Doritos are also another variety of chip I haven't written about yet. They have many flavors and I could probably do a series on them. However, I never really had the motivation to do so due to, probably, laze. I found the next flavor at the same gas station and I also felt compelled to get them and write about them:

Maybe it's the fact that there were the words Madden 11 on the bag. Maybe it's because BBQ and Doritos don't really sound right. Whatever the reason, I needed to get it

A Tailgate BBQ Dorito

How should I describe this? I want to say that it was disturbingly delicious. The flavor tasted remarkably like a Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr. in chip form. I kid you not, that is what this flavor reminded me of. I couldn't stop eating them because I was so confused, but so delighted by it. I must say that I hope that they decide to keep this flavor around because its taste is amazing.

Doritos Tailgate BBQ: 10/10


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