Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stadium Nacho Doritos

Since I wrote about Tailgate BBQ, I felt that I should try the other limited time flavor which is Stadium Nacho. After having a wonderful experience with Tailgate BBQ, I had high hopes for Stadium Nacho.

The main reason as to why I didn't get this flavor before getting Tailgate BBQ is because the name implied that it would be too plain of a flavor. Nacho is pretty much a staple flavor of Doritos, so I couldn't really see how they could improve on it. However, because it is a limited time flavor, it won't be around forever

A Stadium Nacho Doritos chip

The flavor was very subdued in this one I felt. It had less flavor than Nacho Cheese Doritos or any of the other flavors of Doritos that are offered year round. It had a bit more of a corn tortilla chip aroma to it which I guess is a reflection of the tortilla chips that are a part of nachos. However, I feel like by adding this element, they made this flavor seem more like a typical corn chip than a typical over-flavored Doritos chip. Because of this, I feel that Stadium Nacho Doritos are passable and that Tailgate BBQ or a regular flavor of Doritos is preferable.

Stadium Nacho Doritos: 7/10

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  1. I found your blog after googling people's opinions of the Tailgater BBQ Doritos chips. I agree with many of your candy assesments, but not on this. After trying the chedder bbq flavor that was out 2-3 years ago, this was a complete disappointment to me.