Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Tea Oreo Soft Cookies

Today is my birthday. That doesn't mean there's going to be a special post or anything, I'm just putting it out there.

Summer is a bad time for candy. I'm not saying it's a bad time to eat candy, it's just that when you walk out of the store, you'd better eat that candy bar soon, or else you've got liquified candy. I've had a protein bar liquified after I left it too long in my car. It's a particularly bad time for chocolate candy because chocolate loses its shape so easily. As opposed to let's say, a bag of Skittles, a Hershey's chocolate bar is going to start melting in the first minute in the heat. Well it's a good thing the item I'm going to write about isn't candy then.

Green tea and Oreo cookies? Why not. I've had crisp Japanese cookies that have had green tea filling before, and they've been good, so why not the king of creme filled cookies? Admittedly, I've never had an Oreo Soft Cookie before, or a Cakester, as they're called in American stores. I always believed that it's hard to improve upon the original Oreo design, but why not give this a try.

These are individually wrapped

It looks a lot less appetizing in real life, let me tell you that. I think the heat pulled the cookies apart

This was the stain that was left behind. Kind of concerning

The initial flavor of the cookie is very much like the cookie part of an Oreo in that it is not sweet, but slightly bitter. The texture is much softer than an Oreo cookie (hence the name Soft Cookie), and it felt kind of oily. The filling, to my surprise, lacked sweetness. This was new to me because the cream filling of an Oreo is generally recognized as the best part of the cookie. When the cream is not sweet, but only subtly sweet, I'm not sure if I like it or not. Well, I guess if I have to ask myself, "Was this good?" then I think I know the answer. The smell of green tea was there, but I was hoping for a sweeter cream. If you're a fan of green tea and don't like your sweets to be too sweet, then this would be for you. However, I would probably spring for a bag of good old Oreo cookies instead of this.

Green Tea Oreo Soft Cookies: 5/10


  1. I'm not a fan of the soft Oreo cookies myself, but I do like the green tea flavored Oreo's. I was wondering where you buy them? I tried them for the first time a couple of months ago and my friend told me where he got them. However when I went to that store I was told they were a seasonal item. If you can give me any ideas as in where I should go buy them I'd be really thankful.

  2. If you live in San Jose, CA, there's this Mitsuwa Japanese Supermarket. I got it there. I don't like it as much as the mini size bits sandwich green tea oreo cookie i got when I went to Japan. They don't have it here. But, they carry the Oreo Green Tea Sticks. That's as close as I can get.