Monday, November 23, 2009

Mike and Ike: I hate Strawberry

Take note of the upper left hand corner of that box. Notice how it introduces Strawberry as a new flavor to Mike and Ike. When I purchased a box of Mike and Ike from Wal-Mart to sneak into "2012", I was very confused. It had been ages since I last had a box of Mike and Ike and when I took a second look at the box I was mortified. The last time I had a box, I was probably in elementary school. Mike and Ike was a candy that I enjoyed very much, and to be specific I thoroughly enjoyed the cherry and lime varieties. I'm not sure if Strawberry flavored Mike and Ike was in the Original box, but I sure as hell don't remember it. Maybe I blocked it out of my memory.

Why do I hate Strawberry so much? Because it's "just okay". I mean it's a plain jane flavor that doesn't offend the senses, but does nothing to stimulate them. Eating a Strawberry Mike and Ike is like drinking a bottle of lightly flavored or scented water. You don't mind it, but you could go with or without it. Let me establish that I don't hate all Strawberry flavored candies, I just prefer Cherry or Lime when available. I find that the Strawberry candies are an extra obstacle to the already annoying Orange flavored candies. Lemon is acceptable, even if it is just the less attractive version of Lime. However, what truly offends me is that the colors for Strawberry and Cherry or so close to each other, and even moreso when in a dark theater, that when I think that I have a Cherry piece I am EXTREMELY disappointed.

As terrible as it may seem, here is another candy in which I sift through all the flavors to find my favorite:
Like I've stated before, all other flavors are obstacles to finding Cherry. I detest Orange Starburst. I'm impartial to Lemon Starburst. I'm fine with Strawberry Starburst. I love Cherry Starburst. It's as simple as that. I wouldn't mind if they made Starburst only in Cherry, Strawberry, and Lemon flavors. In-fact, Starburst has recognized this and you can find Starburst bags that have only Cherry and Strawberry flavors. Why can't every stick of Starburst be just Cherry?

Also to conclude, I spent a good time of "2012" sifting through the Mike and Ike when no one else seemed want to any anymore. How was I able to differentiate between Strawberry and Lime you ask? If I saw that it was a tinge of red, I would bite into it and then spit it out if it was Strawberry. Now you know my dark secret.

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