Sunday, June 19, 2011

Apple Crisp Poppycock

Most Americans are familiar with caramel corn. Cracker Jack is one of the most recognized snack foods in the United States because it’s mentioned alongside peanuts in “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Outside of Cracker Jack, there are other brands selling caramel corn, but, sadly, none of them feature a prize.

Poppycock comes in a fancy re-zippable bag and offers different kinds of nuts outside of peanuts. This particular flavor interested me because who does Apple Crisp flavored anything? I suppose there are cookies flavored like this, but it seems odd to do this with caramel corn. However, I guess it makes sense, since caramel and apples go so well together. I don’t know how well dried apples and caramel corn go together though.

After assuming that I would be eating something that tasted like an apple crisp, I was mildly disappointed. The flavor of cinnamon was absent, and I couldn’t taste the apple due to the strong caramel flavor. If you poured this into a snack bowl and didn’t tell me that it was apple crisp flavored, I would have thought it was very good. It’s still very good, but it has undertones of disappointment due to my assumption that the cinnamon and apples would come through. Overall, good, but it’s hard to tell this from any other variety of Poppycock.

Apple Crisp Poppycock: 8/10

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