Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cup o Gold

There are some candies you don’t run across unless you’re in a place like a convenience store or the impulse aisle somewhere. For some reason or another, certain candies aren’t featured as much as other candies. An example of this is Whatchamacallit. While these can be found in impulse aisles at Target and other stores, rarely have I seen it sitting next to a big bag of candy in the candy aisles.

Cup o Gold is a candy that you rarely find even in convenience stores and impulse aisles. They are plentiful in candy shops, but not outside of candy shops. Cup o Gold is a rare treat for me seeing as how it’s kind of hard to find, unless you’re at Fry’s or a candy shop a lot, and because I don’t often buy it because I never can remember if I like it or not. I figured why not and decided to give it a go.

A Cup o Gold

The center of a Cup o Gold

Texturally, Cup o Gold is very solid. This meant that I could cut through it, so I had to resort to biting it to expose the middle. The cream in the middle is a bit fluffy and has a marshmallow whip type of texture. In the chocolate you’ll find bits of almond and coconut. Flavor wise Cup o Gold is good, but its fault is that it may be too sweet. It may sound ridiculous to say something tastes too sweet when it comes to candy, but maybe it’s because I was expecting something like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I have an affinity toward Reese’s PBC and PB M&Ms because the sweet is cut by the salty peanut butter. Overall though, if sweet is your thing, and you don’t mind having to bite a little harder to get to the center of a chocolate cup, Cup o Gold may be your thing.

Cup o Gold: 8/10

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