Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ben & Jerry's: Phish Food

It's summer, it's hot, so that means it's time to indulge in everyone's favorite summertime treat: ice cream. Admittedly, I like ice cream during any weather, but during summer it tastes even better. It's a cool relief from the heat and it tastes delicious. Ergo, I decided to do a piece on it.

Ben & Jerry's is famous for not just their unique flavors, but for their price as well. A pint of Ben & Jerry's is around the same price as a quart of most other brands. However, you won't find flavors like Cherry Garcia or Chubby Hubby with other brands. That being said, I can appreciate a simple vanilla as much as something like Phish Food. This was inspired by a topic that I saw on the forums of, so I decided to go with a flavor that was regarded as one of the best.

The story behind the name. The band Phish apparently really likes Ben & Jerry's.

Overhead view of Phish Food

Given the choice between vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream, I would probably choose the first two over chocolate. I'm also not a big fan of Rocky Road, which is what this flavor's description was leading me to believe. However, this was a very good flavor. It was rich and like the other Ben & Jerry's flavors I have tried, there was a lot of stuff going on outside of the chocolate ice cream. It wasn't too sweet, and despite the picture above, there's A LOT of marshmallow and caramel swirls, which are also delicious. I guess the only thing that I can't gush about are the fudge fish. Whereas the rest of the ice cream is smooth and rich, the fudge fish are somewhat of a hindrance. They're like a protective measure to make sure you don't finish the ice cream too quickly. Even though they got in the way, the fish are still good and just think of them as overgrown chocolate chips. Unless you truly detest chocolate, I would say that this was a great flavor.

Ben & Jerry's: Phish Food: 9.5/10

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