Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mucci Mocci

The main reason as to why I don’t buy many gummy candies is because, usually, you’ll only get a few, especially if they’re individually wrapped. Also gummy candies are pretty easy to go through. I don’t count Hi-Chew, Starbursts, or Puccho candies as gummies, because, well, they’re chews and not gummies. However, I liked the previous Puré to give another gummy candy a try.

Mucci Mocci. I’m not sure how to pronounce that, but it would be ridiculous if it was pronounced mucky mocky. Anyway, I like peach, and the bag looked interesting enough to give it a go.

The initial peach flavor is very strong, so if you’re like me and you really like peach-flavored things, this is good. It also has a slightly unexpected sour twist like the Puré gummies. If they put them in the same kind of pouches, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this White Peach Puré Gummy or something. It is a bit softer than the Puré gummies though, so they melt quicker. Overall, I liked it because not just because it was peach flavored, but because it was a good candy overall. If I had a choice of picking this or the Puré Lemon Cola, I’d have a hard time deciding which one I like more.

Mucci Mocci: 8.5/10

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