Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mint M&M’s

I’ve mentioned in several posts that certain candies remain the same because they sell well. I’m sure there are people that work for candy corporations that wish that they could propose a large variety of flavors in the United States, but who would buy them? Besides me, of course. That makes it all the more exciting for me when a big name candy decides to put out a new flavor.

Mint is a flavor that should have come out much earlier. The combination of mint and chocolate has been around for a while, so I don’t know why M&M’s never got on that. They’ve put flavors like raspberry and cherry, and those weren’t all that great. They had a “premium” line of M&M’s if you recall, and those were pretty bad considering they had no candy shell, which is an integral part to M&M’s, and they cost a lot more than M&M’s. Finally, someone working for the Mars, Inc. got some sense into them. Maybe they’ll start putting out strawberry M&M’s and orange M&M’s.

Only two colors for this flavor

The mint flavor wasn’t overpowering and I enjoyed this very much. It didn’t blow me away, but I couldn’t stop eating them. Being addictive is the mark of a good snack anyway, right? While the bag states that these are “dark chocolate” the chocolate tasted very much like plain milk chocolate M&M’s with a good hint of mint. If you’re tired with plain, allergic to peanuts, or you dislike pretzels and coconut, give this flavor a try. The only real fault one could complain about is the fact that these M&M’s come in only shades of green, but green is a great color anyway, so it makes no difference. Go get a bag of these before they disappear like Crispy M&M’s.

Mint M&M’s: 8/10

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