Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eating Right Fiber Bran

Sometimes when you buy things, there's a part of you that thinks, "I'm only paying this much because of the brand." You might find yourself saying to yourself, "The only difference between these two shirts is the little animal that's printed on the front of this one." You might do this with food. Why buy Campbell's soup when you can buy generic? What's the difference if they've all got the same ingredients, right?

Now if there's anything I like having in my diet, it's fiber. Call me old, but I believe a healthy colon is a happy colon. That being said, Fiber One is a pretty expensive cereal. Sometimes it can cost $4 a box, depending where you're shopping. When I went to Safeway for my cereal fix, I saw that Eating Right Fiber Bran was half the price of Fiber One. I looked at the nutritional information and I found that not only did Eating Right have the same amount of fiber per serving (14 grams per 30 g serving), but it had 10 less calories! Not only does this save me money, it saves me calories!

I'm eating two servings (114% recommended daily intake of fiber) because I love me my fiber

The only thing I love more than a high fiber diet is a high protein diet! I added a shake that consisted of two scoops of protein powder mixed with water (52 g protein)

Thanks to Spotify, I've been finding a lot of songs I've never heard before. One of my latest favorite tracks is a song by Depeche Mode. The name of the song is, "Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead". Thanks to this concoction I made, I can really understand the title of the song.

Okay, I didn't find myself questioning my life after making this, but I did find myself asking, "Why did I make this?" Well, I did try this cereal with milk before and as I described to my friend, Rubab, it felt like I was eating shredded cardboard. If you don't like Fiber One, you'll hate Eating Right Fiber Bran. It's less sweet and it's texture, as mentioned above, is akin to cardboard. Just all bad.

"Eating Wrong" Rubab said to me.

What's it taste like with my protein shake? Worse. So much worse. I didn't think it could, but at some point in the making process, everything fell apart. Shambles. My taste buds are in shambles.

Eating Right Fiber Bran: 2 - 3/10

Eating Right Fiber Bran w/ watery protein shake: -1/10

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