Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meiji Earl Grey Chocolate

Milk tea is something that I never really got into until college. It's a flavor combination that always seemed a bit odd to me. When people ordered milk tea I always imagined someone mixing the tea from Asian restaurants with some milk, and that didn't appeal to me at all. However, as I got older, I realized that milk is a pretty good combination. There's the scent of the tea, the richness of the milk, and a slight sweetness that goes along with it all. With that being said, how would people feel about chocolate milk tea?

The good folks at Meiji have answered that question with this candy. If there's green tea chocolate, green tea ice cream, and Earl Grey ice cream, why not Earl Grey chocolate, right?

The back of the box

A stick of Earl Grey chocolate

I definitely got a strong scent of tea when I bit into this chocolate. At first, I was a bit disappointed in the chocolate, because it wasn't very rich. However, as I tasted it a bit more, I grew to like it. It's not too rich, not too sweet, and is very aromatic. The texture is a bit brittle at first, but it will eventually melt. If you like milk tea, then you should definitely check this product out because it's basically milk tea turned into little sticks. However, be warned, this candy is a bit pricy. It costs about as much (or a little more, depending on where you buy your milk tea) as a cup of milk tea, and it doesn't last very long if friends or children are around.

Meiji Earl Grey Chocolate: 8/10

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