Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kit Kat Bitter Almond

It had been a while since I last saw a new or interesting variety of Kit Kat at the Japanese markets I occasionally go by. This saddened me because I felt like I was Alexander and there were no (Kit Kat) lands left to conquer. However, about a week ago I was happy to find that there were still many varieties of Kit Kat that I had yet to sample.

I didn't know what this would taste like and I had no idea what TBC was. Typically, you don't see the word bitter associated with candy either. I assume the bottom left corner of the box states what percent dark chocolate it is, but who knows?

The packaging for the Kit Kat looks very nice and the Kit Kat is noticeably darker than other varieties of Kit Kat

How is this different from Dark Chocolate Kit Kat you ask? Well for one, this one was much less sweet, and slightly bitter as the box implies. It had fruity undertones nearing the end. I have to say that I rather enjoyed this product because it wasn't particularly sweet, but it still tasted like candy. I suppose this is somewhat of an adult candy as I can't see kids enjoying this that much. I liked it, but as with most foreign Kit Kat varieties, it cost more than other candy. The best substitution I'd say is to find wafer and eat them alongside and dark Lindt chocolate bar.

Kit Kat Bitter Almond: 7/10

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