Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kinder Happy Hippo

I bought this product a while ago and kind of forgot about it. It wasn't until I looked through my work bag that I noticed that I still had it. I originally intended to give some of it to some of my students, but oh well, whatchya gonna do? I thought it would only be right if I tried it before giving it to my pupils.

As you can see from the box, I thought that some of the younger kids would have found this to be amusing. Maybe even some of the older kids would have found this amusing. I mean, it's a snack in the shape of a hippo. Regardless, I was informed by the kindly cashier at the European market that Kinder was the best brand of chocolate. I wasn't going to doubt what that man said, so I decided to buy this

Yep, the hippo looks DIRECTLY at you. I think it's coated in chocolate bits or something. Anyway, this is a pretty cool looking snack

And the hippo lost its snout

The closest thing that I can describe this to is a Ferrero Rocher without the hazelnuts. The outside is a little bit different from a Ferrero Rocher, but when I think about it, the flavor and texture are similar. The outside is crispy with some bits of chocolate at the bottom, and when you get to the inside you meet the cream and chocolate. The flavors of chocolate and smooth melted texture mixed with the crispy bits of biscuit made for a delicious snack.

Kinder Happy Hippo: 8.5/10

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