Monday, September 27, 2010

Japanese BBQ Corn Snack

It's a rare treat when I buy chips or salty snacks from foreign countries. The reason is because there are so many kinds of Doritos out there that I don't think I need to. However, when one walks down the aisles of an Asian market, one begins to realize that the foreign possibilities may be endless.

I bought this solely because of the picture on the lower right. My friends can attest that I am no fan of baseball, but there's something appealing about purchasing a product that has athletes on it. This is why I assume Wheaties has seen such great success. And if you notice there's Tim Lincecum throwing a pitch...he's a pitcher, right?

I took a picture of the back to verify that it was indeed a corn snack and because I thought I would be getting a mini jersey or something. There was no prize in my bag of BBQ corn snacks

Well it looks like we just met the Cheeto's Japanese cousin

Here's the skinny: Someone took Funyun flavor and put it in a Cheeto. This a perfect description for the snack. When I first ate one I thought, "This is a Funyun-flavored Cheeto, I am both disappointed because it is not a new flavor, but I love Funyuns." If you like Funyuns, and who doesn't, then this snack is worth the purchase. I won't say that I didn't like it, because I do like Funyuns a lot, but I was just disappointed that it was something familiar.

Japanese BBQ Corn Snack: 8/10

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