Monday, September 27, 2010

Kinder Bueno

I noticed I had some pictures of a candy I meant to write about last week, but never got around to. This was part of some goods I bought from the European market. I usually buy a lot from there because I never know when I'm going to come back. Also, I don't go there often because chocolate melts really quickly, so it's hard to base a review off of melted chocolate.

The highly recommended Kinder chocolate brand comes back and it has yet to disappoint. With a name like Kinder Bueno, it advertises itself to be good, or my poor level of Spanish leads me to believe

I swear I didn't bite this one either

As one of my students stated, this tasted like Kinder Happy Hippo. And all these candies taste like a smoother Ferrero Rocher. I assume it's because they aren't covered walnuts. I'm starting to think Europeans enjoy hazelnut-filling as I have seen many other products at the European market with hazelnuts or hazelnut-flavored filling. Well, it certainly is bueno and it does indeed taste like Happy Hippo with the exception of being covered in chocolate and not having those chocolate bits covering it. And like Happy Hippo, I'd definitely recommend getting a bar of Kinder Bueno.

Kinder Bueno: 8.5/10

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