Sunday, September 19, 2010

Volin Ti: Hazelnut, Almond, and Caramel

This bar is related to the lime/yogurt chocolate bar I wrote about a few entries ago. "Volim ti", according to Google Translate means "I love you" in Serbian. Good to know if I ever go to Eastern Europe. Onward to the candy at hand:

This candy bar has three different sections with different flavors which are hazelnut, almond, and caramel. This concept reminded me of the Japanese, "LOOK", line of candy bars where there are four different sections with different flavors. I figured that any of the three flavors listed above would pair well with chocolate.

A cross section of the three flavors: hazelnut, almond, and caramel

All three flavors tasted pretty much like caramel, so that was a bit disappointing. However, the flavor was still good, so it wasn't that bad. The last minor gripe that I have is that this was a bit too sweet without anything to balance it. I would have liked more richness and depth with the flavors, but otherwise I would say I liked this candy bar. The aroma was pleasing and the chocolate may not have been amazing, but this was a solid candy bar.

Volin Ti: Hazelnut, Almond, and Caramel: 7/10

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