Friday, September 3, 2010

Zvecevo Samo Ti: Limeta & Jogurt


Okay, so I put like two squares in my mouth and it reminded me slightly of key lime pie. This way is much more enjoyable than my original way of just biting a square and tasting it.

Two square method with Zvecevo Samo Ti: Limeta & Jogurt: 7/10


It had been a while since I purchased more chocolate because of the heat. However, in California it has been a relatively cool Summer. It's pretty bad timing on my part to purchase chocolate today, on one of the hotter days of Summer. The chocolate did survive though, and one of hte ones that interested me was:

Lime and yogurt in chocolate? Ridiculous I say. Well it's not ridiculous to the people who make Samo Ti, which I think means "Only You" in Croatian. The main draw of this candy bar was to see if lime and chocolate would make a good combination

A square of lime chocolate

Right off the bat, the first complaint I have about this product was that there wasn't enough lime flavoring. Near the end of the square, I got a bit of candied lime zest or something, but that was about it. There wasn't any yogurt flavor either. This is more of a slightly lime scented chocolate bar more than anything else. The chocolate also wasn't that great; I would have preferred a Lindt chocolate bar to this. Overall, it was worth a try, but it was a swing and a miss.

Zvecevo Samo Ti: Limeta & Jogurt: 6/10

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