Monday, March 14, 2011

Frito Lay Pizza Flavored Snack Mix

One of my favorite lines of snacks is the Munchies line. The concept behind Munchies is combining chips such as Doritos, Cheetos, and other Frito Lay products and mixing them all together in one bag. They come in various flavors. The only downside is that sometimes there are pretzels in them, which is a no go for me. The other chips have a crisp, light texture, whereas the pretzels are kind of a hard road block. The other day, I found that snack mixes like Munchies aren't found just in the U.S.

That's right, Japan has its own line too. I recognize Doritos and Cheetos, but I have no idea what Mike Popcorn is. Anyway, in my previous post I mentioned that pizza flavored chips are hard to come by, well the Frito Lay company has decided to shove the opposite in my face once again. The pizza on the bag looks quite nice and artisanal.

Cheeto, Dorito, Mike's Popcorn

The pizza smell and flavor were there, but the flavor was a bit lacking. It was a bit underpowered flavor wise, which is hard to do with Doritos or Cheetos. I can't speak for Mike's Popcorn. The texture of the Cheeto and Dorito were the same as the ones found in the States, but the popcorn was a bit stale. This is why I don't like to buy pre-packaged and pre-popped popcorn unless it's drizzled with all kinds of stuff. There was a divide among my students as to whether this was good or bad. The younger students seemed to like it, but the older students didn't like it at all. To sum it up, it had a good smell and initial flavor, but it was a bit under flavored and the popcorn was stale.

Frito Lay Pizza Flavored Snack Mix: 7/10

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