Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let's keep on rolling while I still have ideas

Alright I just thought of something, cinnamon gum. Sugar-free cinnamon gum to be specific. Let's talk about it.

Ah yes, Big Red, the cinnamon flavored gum that every person is first introduced to. Big Red is undoubtedly the king of cinnamon gum. However, like its brothers Juicy Fruit and Double Mint Gum, Big Red has yet to have a sugar-free version of it. Another thing that Big Red has going against it is the fact that, again like its brothers, it starts out strong but the flavor fades rather quickly. It's like watching a movie with a great intro, a mediocre middle, and a bland, chewy end.

So let's get on to the sugar-free varieties:
Orbit was probably my favorite brand of gum not too long ago, but something changed. I'll say it was the packaging. However, this post is about Cinnamon Orbit in particular. So let's start with the positives. It's a cinnamon gum. That's about all I got to say about the positives. The negatives, well, I wouldn't say are really all that negative. It starts off subtle and stay subtle throughout. Unlike that jerk Big Red, there are no promises of intense flavor or anything of that sort. Instead it starts out slow and keeps that same subtle flavor throughout. This gum is like the tortoise in "The Tortoise and The Hare"; it's roll is slow, but it keeps on rolling.
Trident, while not my favorite brand of gum, actually surprised me with their cinnamon gum. When I got this gum for $1.50 for two at Safeway, it only made things that much better. The scent of the gum is quite unique when compared to other cinnamon gums. The scent is a much sweeter scent and the flavor is pleasant, but not great by any stretch of the imagination. The flavor starts out with a nice, sweet flavor and then transitions well as it loses flavor. Something that hurts this gum is the size of the pieces are quite small. Because of this, the pieces of gum tend to lose flavor faster than other brands of gum.

Despite the box saying "Spicy Cinnamon", don't be fooled, this gum is anything but Spicy. A problem I've always had with Dentyne is that they always use this kind of packaging. On occasion I've crushed pieces of gum or popped them into oblivion and have never been able to find them ever again. If you chew the recommended two piece serving Dentyne is alright. It has a nice shell, unlike the other gums, and it has a nice flavor to it. However, I don't remember being able to blow bubbles with it very well. A minor gripe, but that indicates that the gum is a bit too tough or rubbery for my liking. I think Dentyne has finally stepped up their game and made the flavor last longer than it used to. Despite its texture and packaging, I wouldn't mind buying Dentyne "Spicy Cinnamon" again.

Ah, arguably my favorite of the cinnamon gums. Stride and Extra are fighting over my heart as my favorite gum brands. With Stride "Uber Bubble" and Extra "Sweet Watermelon", I just don't know what my favorite gum is anymore. And while all this is happening, Trident decides it wants in on the action and puts out Trident "Layers", "Green Apple + Golden Pineapple", quickly becoming a favorite. Stride "Sweet Cinnamon" is an example of how you do things. Its smell is undoubtedly cinnamon and its flavor is very good. The flavor lasts longer than other gums and the cinnamon smell sticks with you long after the flavor is gone so you know that you're not eating a wad of paper. The texture holds up well after long hours of chewing, unlike Extra which tends to turn overly soft after long periods of chewing.

While Stride "Sweet Cinnamon" would be my top choice if I were to pick a sugar-free cinnamon gum, it would be hard to rank the rest. They all have their pros and cons, so based on what I have put forward you can make your decision. Now let me tell you about the absolute WORST SUGAR-FREE CINNAMON GUM I HAVE EVER HAD. Well, it seems as if the gum I'm referring to doesn't have its picture on Google Image Search, or rather one I'd want to use, I'll just tell you what it is. Starbuck's Sugar-Free Cinnamon Gum is bar none, the worst cinnamon gum I've ever had. The smell isn't the typical cinnamon we're all used to, it's a minty cinnamon. Think about it, minty cinnamon. The pieces are...round discs that aren't crunchy, they're just hard. The flavor isn't right at all. It's like someone put peppermint gum in the tins and sprinkled cinnamon over the gum. Also it is BY FAR the most expensive gum, coming at over $2 for a tin. The gum is bad, but the tin is nice...until you realize you can't fit ANYTHING in that thing. You're paying $2 to be trendy I guess.

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