Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smarties at the bottom of my bag

Next Saturday is Halloween, and I thought it'd only be fitting for me to do at least one entry about a Halloween candy that shows up every year. On good years I'd sometimes get a house that had Twix. On bad years I'd get a lot of White Rabbit candy. I'm sure some people liked White Rabbit candy, not me. You can eat the wax paper outside? Not my thing. White Rabbit candies are like bad, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls in my estimation.

Anyway, looking back, the one candy I could always count on getting a lot of were Smarties. These American Smarties mind you, not those foreign Smarties that are really just disc shaped M&M's:

Look at those jerks, using grams and foreign words.

After the dust had settled and my candy bag was almost finished, I would find countless rolls of Smarties. Looking back, I don't think I gave them enough respect. I would look at them and think, "Great..." but after all the terrible candies I've been through, I can say that I could have gotten some really bad candy. Smarties aren't something I'd look forward to getting mind you, but it's not something I'd throw away (looking at you hard fruit candies). One could argue that they crumble in your mouth like chalk, but at least they have a pleasant flavor. The problem I think I had with them was that they'd be flavorless if you waited for them to melt in your mouth. M&M's American Smarties are not.

As Halloween quickly approaches, I think I'll have a few more posts about Halloween thoughts and memories (Hershey's Cookies n Mint anyone?) Stay tuned!

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