Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fanime Loot Part Final

Due to a suggestion from my friend, Karina, I'm going to start scoring things on a 5 point scale. That's to say things from now on will be scored from a 1 (lowest, filth) to 5 (highest, amazing) I'll also be putting in 1/2 or 1/4 points as well. I'll try looking at my old posts and see if I can score the candies I had in the past.

Alright so this is the last part of my Fanime Loot. What's left are mainly Hi-Chews and some hard candy in a tube. Let's start things off.

Judging by the picture alone, I'm going to say that this is Candied Apple Hi Chew. There's a little carnival vendor or something on the lower right selling candied apples. Notice the little specks on the Hi Chew in the lower left hand corner, those are important

An unwrapped Candied Apple Hi Chew. Again, you can see little dark specks in the candy

This Hi Chew seemed to have an overwhelming flavor of caramel or something along those lines. The specks added a surprise as they were crunchy in contrast to the rest of the candy. I couldn't really taste or smell the apple flavor because the caramel smell seemed to overwhelm it. I prefer the fruit flavored Hi Chews.

Candied Apple Hi Chew: 2.5/5

Again, we're going with another carnival treat. This time it's clearly cotton candy. As you can see on the lower left, this Hi Chew advertises specks as well. As a warning, I'm not a big fan of cotton candy flavored candies, so this may bias my review

An unwrapped Cotton Candy Hi Chew. It looks quite plain

The first thing I noticed was that this was very sweet. I would go as far as calling it overly sweet. That's the flaw with making a cotton candy flavored candy in my opinion. What is cotton candy? It's sugar that's heated and spun around. You might as well make sugar flavored candy. Anyway, even a student agreed with me and found this one to be too sweet as well.

Cotton Candy Hi Chew: 1.5/5

Okay this is some sort of cherry explosion Hi Chew. Actually I read the English label and it said, "Sakurambo". I guess that's the Japanese word for "cherry". Anyway, I love cherry candies and I had high expectations for this one.

An unwrapped Sakurambo Hi Chew

This was, by far, the best of the three Hi Chews I tried. Despite it's name being cherry, when I first bit into it I thought it tasted very peachy. However, as I chewed it longer I suppose I could start tasting the cherry flavors. My favorite of the three varieties and I would buy it again if they offered it in nearby stores.

Sakurambo Hi Chew: 3.5/5

I have no idea what this is. Seriously this tube has little tablets on it and three horses (?) drinking something from a boda. There's a C at the end of the Japanese characters I think. I did know that this was a hard candy judging by the sound it made in the tube

It looks a bit like a Certs

This tasted very much like a lemon lime soda. However, when I eat Japanese candies that taste like soda, I want them to fizz. This did not fizz. I was a bit disappointed by it. Maybe if it had some baking soda to make it fizz, I would have enjoyed it more. It didn't, so I'm going to have to give it a lower score.

Lemon-Lime Hard Candy: 2/5

So of the Fanime Loot, I would say that the best items were the Kit Kat Framboise, Cone-Shaped Candy, and Sakurambo Hi Chew. I wonder if I should go to Fanime next year to see what kind of new products they might have.

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