Sunday, June 27, 2010

Various Items with the Brothers Wong

This is another overdue entry. My friend, Josh, had just come back from New York. He, his brother, Justin, and I picked up various items from a Korean market. Here's a report on the things we got:

Josh holding a can of melon soda or something. It came in other flavors, but how often do you get to drink something melon flavored? As you can see from the picture, there's a woman flying or something, I think it's Mary Poppins. She has a "Fantastic Feeling" according to the can. It's also enriched with Vitamin A and something else.

I like melon flavored things, but I didn't like this. Josh liked it, he thought it tasted like a melted melon flavored ice cream bar that one can usually find in Korean markets. I did not care for this drink at all though. It tasted a bit too "tutti frutti" for my liking. It didn't give me a hint that it was melon flavored at all.

Milkis Melon - 1/5

I think this is Justin holding up a ridiculous can/bottle hybrid. The body is that of the bottle, but it has a soda can lid. Ridiculous. Anyway, it's peach flavored and it's from some company or brand named OKF. There was a cherry flavored one that isn't pictured.

I really liked this one. It reminded me of the Sam's Club peach flavored sodas you can buy at Wal-Mart. This container was really cool also. I think we all agreed that this was really good.

OKF Peach - 4/5

The cherry flavored (not pictured) drink was terrible. Awful. I'm not sure how much worse I could describe it. It was well below my standards. It was worse than cherry flavored cough syrup in my opinion.

OKF Cherry - 0/5

The last thing we purchased was a matcha flavored chocolate bar. Josh really has a thing for matcha, so we decided to give this a try.

The candy lets you know right away that it's going to really taste like green tea. It's also slightly melted in this picture

There were no surprises with this bar. It totally tasted like how I imagined it, very good. As it says on the wrapper, it is "Rich Matcha". The taste was creamy and it had a distinct matcha flavor. As with their strawberry flavored bar, Meiji has really blown me away with this. If you like matcha you'll love this bar. If you hate matcha than you'll really, really hate this bar.

Meiji Rich Matcha - 4.5/5

And so concludes my escapades with the Brothers Wong. I have no doubt that in the future I will be doing more of these posts with guests, like the ones I've done with Chris.

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