Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Matcha Meltykiss

In America, green tea has been steadily growing in popularity. The health benefits attributed to green tea have led to the rise of green tea extracts being sold in markets. The flavor isn’t bad either, seeing as how there are things like green tea ice cream and there are many different green tea flavored drinks. However, an area that green tea hasn’t been able to gain popularity in America yet is the candy market. If one were to go into an Asian market, or more specifically, a Japanese market, one would see that in the candy aisle there are green tea flavored candies. Some find the flavor of green tea to be delicious, but I could take it or leave it. I would be more likely to buy a cola flavored candy over a green tea flavored one. However, the packaging for the next product looked so nice that I bought it anyway.

Meltykiss is a chocolate candy that comes in little cubes. The outside of the candy is dusted with cocoa powder, giving it a much stronger chocolate flavor than typical chocolate candies. Inside is a very smooth chocolate that has a rich taste. Usually they have a cocoa or strawberry flavor. I’ve had caramelized almond flavor, and now this matcha flavored variety. When I first bought this, I thought that it was mint chocolate because I didn’t read the box. I mean the box has snowflakes on it and everything.

A Matcha Meltykiss cut in half. I swear I didn’t bite this one. Okay, maybe I did, but you’ll never know

The consistency and texture of this Meltykiss is just like all other varieties of Meltykiss. The outside still has the cocoa powder which gives the candy a pleasantly bitter and cocoa flavor. As the candy melted, it became sweeter and the matcha flavor started to come out. Was there anything special about the matcha flavor? Not really, if you like matcha then you’ll like this, if you’re not that enthusiastic about it, then this won’t change much. My favorite Meltykiss flavor is still good old cocoa. This is still a good candy, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Matcha Meltykiss: 7.5/10 (increase the score if you’re a fan of green tea)

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