Friday, January 25, 2013

Keebler Cinnamon Roll Cookies - Caramel Pecan

Cookies are snacks I don't often find myself indulging in. Whenever I pass by an aisle that has Pepperidge Farms cookies, I'm slightly tempted to buy them, but I decide against it, and usually choose to buy chips and candy instead. I mean, I love Oreos and Nutter Butters, but I can't remember the last time I bought a box of them. However, I am up for novel ideas, and this next item seemed novel enough to purchase.
Keebler is a brand that I don't think I've purchased since high school. There commercials never appealed to me, and I always gravitated toward Chips Ahoy when I wanted chocolate chip cookies. However, how often is it that you see Cinnamon Roll Cookies that boast having "The Delicious Flavor of Cinnabon Cinnamon"? Cinnabon, like cookies, is another indulgence that I rarely find myself eating. Who doesn't love Cinnabon? If each bun weren't roughly 600+ calories, I'd certainly increase my Cinnabon intake. Notice that the bag suggests that you warm these up for a great taste.

The cookies are of below average to average packaged cookie size

I tried the cookies both straight out of the bag, and I also tried them warmed in the microwave. If you don't have 20 - 30 seconds to heat up the cookie, I can tell you that they're still pretty good. They're soft cookies, which is a plus, and they carry a strong cinnamon bun flavor and taste. When warmed, they are better, but that could be said of most cookies. Overall, I'd say that this was a good purchase, and maybe I'll start purchasing cookies more often.

Keebler Cinnamon Roll Cookies - Caramel Pecan: 8/10

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