Monday, January 21, 2013

Shrimp Snacks: A bitter start to 2013

The updates haven't been coming in. I wasn't planning to do another post until someone asked me if I was going to do another one, and I have a bunch of pictures and snacks, so I decided why not? The first snack that I'll be talking about in 2013 is one that my friend Josh and I had high hopes for:

Look at that. They have fried little shrimps all over that plate. I love shrimp. I love crispy fried foods. This seemed like it would be a winner. I don't know what the numbers mean though; maybe the bag is telling the reader that 100g serving contains 2900 mg of something. Who knows? All I know is that the picture looks delicious

As you can see, the actual snack itself doesn't look quite as appetizing. Whatever, though, right? Doritos come in triangles and triangles don't look appetizing, so looks don't mean anything when it comes to snacking. The texture was predictable: very crispy. The flavor, however, was a let down. It was slightly flavorless with a bitter aftertaste. There was no salty or savory aftertaste, but only slightly bitter. I would probably prefer snacking on little dried shrimp than snack on these again.
Shrimp snacks: 3/10

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