Friday, December 10, 2010

Chocolate bar w/ candy pieces: 8/10

I was looking through the candy box that my friends Chris and Brittany got for me and I saw a chocolate bar that was very intriguing. The problem is, there was no English on it at all. That is why I named this chocolate bar according to its appearance

So there's a cow on the right side and a chocolate bar that looks like it has little candy pieces on it. On the upper right side of the wrapper there's an exploding pin wheel of sorts. I honestly can't tell you what any of the text is saying.

A piece of chocolate. Notice the yellow bulge of candy under the imprint of the cow

This tasted just as it looked; it tasted like a Hershey's chocolate bar with M&M pieces in it. It was good and when it melted it had the aroma of hot cocoa. I liked this bar very much and I thought the idea of putting little candy pieces in it was a good one. The Hershey's company could probably team up with Mars and make a combination candy bar like this. I demand it from you two.

Chocolate bar w/ candy pieces: 8/10

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