Monday, December 13, 2010

Kinder Country

For the past several times that I've visited the European market I go to, the man working there has really been trying to sell Kinder products. I've been more interested in Kras' Full Cool with Popping Candies because the kids love it so much, but the last time I visited the shop, I finally decided to buy the Kinder products he was advertising. I've already mentioned Kinder Bueno, Schokobons, etc., so here's another product from Kinder:

I don't know why, but Kinder Country was sold behind the counter as opposed to the other Kinder products. Maybe it's just that good. Anyway, as the picture shows, there's some sort of grain in the chocolate and cream of some sort. Kinder products haven't disappointed in the past, so why should Kinder Country?

A square of Kinder Country

Well, Kinder, once again, does not disappoint. What surprised me about this product was the lack of nuts. In nearly ever Kinder product I've eaten, there has always been some sort of hazelnut filling. Kinder Country on the other hand does not. The candy was very nice and creamy, while the grain and cereal gave a nice contrast and aroma. This chocolate joins the ranks of other Kinder chocolates that are very good.

Kinder Country: 9/10

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