Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wonka Exceptionals: Peppermint Shortbread Chocolate Pieces

There are some chocolates that I tend to avoid. By now, I know which popular brands generally have better tasting chocolate than others. However, when brands that are known for making poor chocolate come out with a new product, I try giving them another chance. Because I believe that people and companies can change, I decided to give this product a try:

Despite the fact that they're a little more expensive per piece than other chocolates, and even though their packaging is somewhat fancier, Wonka chocolates don't taste good at all. They taste rather watery compared to chocolates. I would rank the more affordable Hershey chocolate bar much higher than Wonka chocolates. In-fact, I'd rank Hershey's chocolate higher than quite a few higher priced chocolates, but that's an entry for another day.

However, it's the Christmas season, and these seasonal chocolates intrigue me, so I asked myself, "Why not?"

Each piece of chocolate comes individually wrapped

A piece of chocolate cut in half, showing the bits of peppermint and shortbread

My initial thoughts on this candy was that it was pretty good. However, that was due to the candy bits and not due to the chocolate. The chocolate was, once again, watery and not as good as other types of chocolate. It lacked richness and a strong chocolate flavor. Sure, the candy bits enhanced the flavor of this candy, but it felt like they were put in to compensate for the chocolate. Wonka has a good thing going with Nerds, Nerds Rope, and other non-chocolate candies, so maybe it would best for them to do new things with those products and avoid working with chocolate. However, there is one Wonka chocolate product that I like very much, which is due more to its novelty than the flavor. However, that's also probably another subject for another day.

Wonka Exceptionals: Peppermint Shortbread Chocolate Pieces: 6/10

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