Monday, January 17, 2011

Calbee French Salad Chips

Potato chips and things of that ilk are usually a toss up. There may not be ridiculous flavors in America, but all varieties tend to be very solid. The problem with foreign chips is that often times, despite how crazy the flavor may sound, is that they always taste like something familiar in American chips. For instance, Calbee's Hot & Spicy Chips taste like a subtle BBQ. There are other examples of other brands being underwhelming, but let's talk about the Calbee brand.

French salad is not a flavor that I've seen for American chips. When you think of chips, salad is a flavor that you probably wouldn't think of. The only time I think of salad and chips are when taco salads have tortilla strips. Calbee has one flavor that I like very much, which is Seaweed & Salt, and one that I'm not fond of, which is the aforementioned Hot & Spicy. They're one for two, so I thought it was worth trying a third flavor. Also notice the mascot, he is either the mayor of chip town or he won a pageant.

A Calbee French Salad chip

The best way to describe this flavor is a cross between sour cream and salt & vinegar. The texture is akin to Lay's potato chips, but less greasy. The flavor was a bit subtle, but it wasn't as under-flavored as Hot & Spicy. I'm not sure if I liked this flavor more than Seaweed & Salt, but it's definitely better than Hot & Spicy.There are definitely American flavors that are better (BBQ), but this flavor could compete with them,

Calbee French Salad Chips: 8/10

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