Monday, January 3, 2011

Lion Angry Lemon Hard Candy

This is another candy whose real name I don't know, so I'm just going to name it myself. The English label just reads, "Hard Candy", and the brand is Lion, so that's about it. The following picture explains the name I gave it:

Is that not the angriest lemon you have ever seen? He's probably insulting you in so many different ways you don't even know. He's calling you the biggest wuss in the history of mankind, and you don't have what it takes to eat him.

A simple flow chart on the back explaining the levels of sourness I assume. Meanwhile, that lemon is still calling you out.

There are four levels of sourness, each one marked with a certain number of stars (1 being the least sour, 4 being the most sour)

It seems as if the lemon gets happier the more sour it gets. Then it becomes all shriveled and red. How now, brown cow?

Stars 1 through 4. Notice how Stars 3 and 4 have a powdery coat on them.

When I ate this candy, I was expecting the initial shock of a Super Lemon hard candy. If you're unfamiliar with Super Lemon, they are basically super charged lemon drops that give an extreme rush of tartness for the first few seconds, and later on they become normal lemon drops. This candy is the reverse in that it starts off sweet and then as you approach the middle, you there is a rush of sour liquid that comes out. The sourness of the liquid is based on how many stars you picked.

This candy was good. The sour liquid was a nice surprise, especially if you're not expecting it. Without the liquid, it would taste just like a typical lemon drop, which wouldn't be too bad either. The sour liquid makes this candy much more interesting though.

Lion Angry Lemon Hard Candy: 7.5/10

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