Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini Strawberry Crunch Bars

It's a few weeks before Valentine's Day, and stores, such as Target, are starting to put out pink and red packages for their candies. There's nothing really different between Valentine's Day candy and regular candy outside of the little hearts on the Valentine's Day candy. However, some candies like Kisses have decided to put out raspberry flavored chocolates. I'm also glad to see that Ghiradelli has put out "limited edition" strawberry chocolate squares. Since that long explanation led to the subject of strawberry chocolate, I'd like to write about another familiar product that has also put out a strawberry chocolate flavor.

Albeit, it's a Japanese variety of a familiar American product, but I figure it's all the same. Now when they start selling Twix varieties from the UK here, oh boy. Anyway, I don't really see foreign versions of Crunch bars, so this seemed like an endeavor worth trying.

The mini "bars" actually come in two squares

It had all the texture and familiarity of the Crunch bars you can find in America, so that's good. The strawberry flavor slightly overpowered the chocolate flavor, but it didn't completely hide the chocolate, which was good. I'm hesitant to say that I would prefer this OVER Crunch bar. I'd say that it would be nice to have this every once in awhile. This was not better, not worse, but it was just different. It's on par with the regular Crunch bar. The best variety of Crunch bar, in my opinion, is the White Chocolate Crunch Bar.

Mini Strawberry Crunch Bars: 8/10

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