Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apple Oreo Bar

You know what's not seen often? Apples and chocolate. When was the last time you got apple and chocolate ice cream? How about a chocolate chip apple cookie? Well, the common accompaniment to apple is caramel. There are candied apples, caramel apples, and other things that are some sort of sticky, sugary friend to apples, but that friend is never chocolate. Luckily, I found that, sometimes, apples can be friends with chocolate.

Here is, yet again, another Japanese Oreo bar. You never know what flavor you're going to get with these; I know I didn't know what flavor this was because all the text is in Japanese. However, the market where I got this from, was kind enough t label it as Oreo Apple.

The Apple Oreo Bar fortunately broke into perfect halves for me as I was driving home

Now I know why chocolate isn't apple's best friend. Chocolate likes to drape over things, but apple just wants a friend to hang on to him, not one that will smother him. When they hang out, there's a discord as to who should take the leading role. This wasn't a bad bar, but it wasn't particularly good. The oddest part of this bar was actually the Oreo bits. By the time the chocolate and apple flavored filling had melted, there were these Oreo pieces that were still lingering that left that familiar, slightly bitter Oreo cookie taste in my mouth. The other flavors of Oreo bars were much more pleasing because they used flavors that seemed to go well with each other. It was interesting, and it was worth trying, but I wouldn't want to see apple and chocolate again unless apple brought along his friend caramel.

Apple Oreo Bar: 6.5/10

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