Wednesday, January 19, 2011

European Cheese Kit Kat

Some things are just so ridiculous that they're worth trying at least once just to know what they're like. For instance, I had tacos with brains as the meat not too long ago. Was it good? It was okay, but I wouldn't have chosen it over any other meat. Likewise, this product falls in the line of, "I don't know what it is, but I need to try it"

That's right, European Cheese Kit Kat. Just when I thought Ginger Ale was the most ridiculous flavor they could come up with, Kit Kat has this. I don't know whose idea it was to make this a flavor, but they're probably trying other ridiculous flavors with Kit Kat, like mayonnaise or something. On a side note, the box was very nice.

It's like opening a treasure chest

And finding Kit Kat inside

When I first unwrapped the Kit Kat there was a very pungent cheese smell coming from it. Think of a cheese with a very powerful smell and you have the smell of European Cheese Kit Kat. The flavor, however, was like that of a normal Kit Kat. I would say that it tasted like white chocolate Kit Kat. It was just the typical Kit Kat sweetness with no hints of saltiness or any hidden surprises. The texture of the Kit Kat wafer and the smell of the cheese reminded me of those cheese and cracker snacks that I used to like as a kid. The smell was outrageous, the flavor was not, and I came out sort of confused by the smell coupled with the flavor. All in all, it was worth the try and I was not disgusted. I must, however, knock it for being relatively expensive to a bag of Kit Kats and yielding only 10 mini bars. For the price of this, I could have bought a two bags of fun size Kit Kats.

European Cheese Kit Kat: 7/10

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