Thursday, September 27, 2012

UHA Mikakuto Cream Soda Hard Candy

Growing up, the only melon flavor I associated with candy was watermelon. The only candy that I really recall being melon flavored were the little boxes of Marukawa bubble gum. It wasn't until a few years ago that I was introduced to other melon flavored candy by my friend Josh. I believe it started with Melona ice cream bars, and then it went on from then.

Here's another hard candy featuring miniaturized children on the bag. Now, it says Cream Soda on the English label, but usually when it's cream soda, it's melon cream soda. When American candy makers start making easily available cream soda candy, that'll be the day. Anyway, if you remember, I didn't give the cherry counterpart that favorable of a review, so let's see if this will change my mind.

A cream soda hard candy

The flavor is definitely melon. When you reach the center, you have a cream tasting center waiting for you, so that's nice. I thought that this candy could really be improved if it had a carbonated feeling, as it's cream SODA. Regardless, I liked this better than the cherry variety. How would it rate among other candies? Well, often times in Asian markets, you'll find many soda candies that provide a fizz and more often than not, melon will be one of the flavors. I feel like this candy is good, but it should have that fizz to make it REALLY good.

UHA Mikakuto Cream Soda Hard Candy: 7/10

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