Friday, September 14, 2012

Puccho Pineapple

Puccho is a candy that's hard not to like. If you like Hi Chew, you'll like Puccho as it's kind of like Hi Chew, but with a bouncier texture. I think the two flavors that are liked most by my students are cola and cider. However, whenever there is a new flavor, I grab it to see if my students and I will like it.

The thing I found out about Puccho and kids is, kids tend to like Puccho better when it fizzes. There are some varieties that provide a fizz, such as cola, cider, and apple cider flavors, whereas some, such as just apple, will not have a fizz. However, kids love candy regardless, but since I'm currently back in school and haven't visited my students all that often, all the candy is mine. Also, as you see, I think you can win something related to Japanese pop group AKB48, I don't know, it's all Greek to me

A diagram of a Puccho candy

A piece of Puccho candy

Puccho candy cross section

Pineapple happens to be the variety that will not provide a fizz. I don't know how my (former) students will react to this, but they're kids, so they'll eat anything short of rocks. Even then, I think I can convince one of them to eat at least a pebble. Anyway, this certainly has a pineapple flavor, but it's a bit subtle. It's not too sweet, and it maintains that bouncy and chewy texture. Overall, I think I would like all varieties of Puccho candy more if they had fizz and if they offered little key chains/charms as they did two years ago. However, it was good, and if you like Starbursts or Hi Chew, or if you already like Puccho candy, you should try this flavor out.

Puccho Pineapple: 8/10

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