Monday, July 19, 2010

Japan Loot part 1

I would like to thank my friends, Karina and Phil, for taking time out of their vacation to go look for some candies for me, I really appreciate it guys!

Karina, Phil, and I had dinner at Sumiya where they handed me a grocery bag of colorful packages and packets:

Candy on my bedroom floor. I wish my floor was candy

My friends went candy by candy to explain them to me. I said that I would try to write an entry tonight, and I decided to try the candy that interested me the most:

I was told that this was something like grape flavored cotton candy. I was also told that it pops in your mouth. Yes, this interested me VERY MUCH

A pinch of cotton candy

The texture was basically that of pre-packaged cotton candy. The taste was like muscat or just regular grape candies, so it was delicious. Also I didn't notice any popping until it all melted in my mouth. The popping wasn't as strong as Pop Rocks, but it was noticeable. Overall, I found this candy to be quite enjoyable. This candy set the bar for the rest of the candies that were gifted to me, so I hope the other candies surpass this one (the Poifull will NOT surpass this candy).

Grape Popping Cotton Candy: 8/10

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