Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Japan Loot part 7

Again, as mentioned in my previous entry, I am approaching the last items of the items Phil and Karina got me, and I saved one of the most unique items for this one:

Gummy sushi. The concept doesn't sound too weird, does it? I mean we have gummy burgers, spaghetti, etc. (gummy pizza, as my friend Brittany showed me via text) So what makes gummy sushi any different? That question will be answered later, so let's focus on the bag for now. There's an overly excited sushi chef packing fish on rice and there's one of those wooden things they have sushi rice in. For some reason the sushi rice container is disappointed. I'm going to assume that the question mark means that there are infinite possibilities

The sushi unwrapped. It looks very nice

I have to say that this was one of the best looking candies I've seen in a while. The colors are very vibrant and the shapes are very pleasing to the eye. I think the the rice is peach, the orange things are orange, and the red things are cherry. Now what's the difference between gummy sushi and other gummy items? I don't have a distaste for sushi. I'm not going to lie, I hate gummy burgers, spaghetti, and the like, so I was very skeptical of gummy sushi. However, this didn't look like Play-Doh or silly putty molded to look food; it actually looked appetizing. The taste was very typical, except it was a bit stickier than most gummy candies. The flavors were very good and the aromas didn't smell artificial. I liked this product, but you don't get that much at all. I suppose you should take good things in moderation, but candy should never be taken in moderation, if anything it should be consumed in mass quantities. For that, I can't give it as high as a score as I want, but if I had unlimited quantities of this candy, it'd get a higher score.

Gummy Sushi: 8/10

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