Sunday, July 11, 2010

LOOK Baskin Robbins

As the days get warmer, it gets harder and harder to do entries about chocolate candies. They may melt, become deformed, or something along those lines. By the time I'm ready to write about them, they're already destroyed. However, I'm still going to try my best on "good" days, or days when it's not too hot to store chocolate. Luckily, this candy bar made it through in pretty good condition:

Yep, this is apparently a collaboration between Baskin Robbins and LOOK. If you're unfamiliar with LOOK candy bars, generally they're bars that are sectioned into four different flavors. I've had only two varieties before and this one definitely caught my attention. Who knew that Baskin Robbins would join efforts with LOOK? I think this would have interested many people

What LOOK candy bars usually look like

From left to right: Strawberry Cheesecake, Jamoca Coffee, Orange Sherbet, and Vanilla

As soon as I opened the packaging, there was a strong citrus smell coming from it. What I found was that the most powerful flavor was definitely the Orange Sherbet. It had a very strong orange taste and was quite tart. The weakest one was Strawberry Cheesecake; there was no way you could tell it was either strawberry or cheesecake. Jamoca was quite weak as well as it offered only a slight coffee flavor and smell. The vanilla tasted creamy, but lacked any sort of vanilla scent.

I think I liked Vanilla the best as it was sweet and creamy. The next best was Orange Sherbet because it had a nice tangy flavor to it and was very true to the flavor. The other two were very lacking. Overall, I think I expected more of this bar than I should have. The box made it seem like it would be great, but the experience was good at best.

LOOK Baskin Robbins: 6/10

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