Saturday, July 3, 2010

Japanese Corn Snack and a new scale

I've decided to switch my ratings to a 10 point scale. I switched because after asking a few people, they said that they would prefer things to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 instead of my original of 1 to 5. I hope that I won't have to resort to using 0, seeing as how that would go below my scale, but if I ever run across a candy that bad, you'll know.

Anyway, I ran across some interesting chips when I went to a Japanese market. I usually don't bother looking in any aisle outside of the candy aisle, but I'll sometimes go see what's interesting in the snack aisles. I saw some foreign Doritos, snacks I didn't know, and then I saw these:

This looked pretty delicious. I don't know what this is supposed to be, but I think that's a fondue pot in the middle with some garlic bread on the side. On top there's a picture of a sommelier or butler smelling a glass of wine. At the bottom right there are pictures of two chips with the number 2 next to them. I assume that this means that there are two types of chips. Also, if you notice, this was made by the Frito Lay corporation.

A picture of the back. There's a website in the lower right corner with a little butler or sommelier holding a glass of wine

One type of chip

The other type of chip. Notice its uncanny resemblance to a Sunchip

Based on the packaging alone I was pretty excited to try this. I was less than amazed when I ate these though. Okay, so as I've said before in past writings, this didn't amaze me. I really was expecting more based on the packaging. I expected garlicky toast and fondue flavored chips. What I got were the bastard children of Sunchips and Doritos. Neither of them had the consistency or texture of Sunchips or Doritos; they had a bit more of a grainy texture. The flavor and aroma was interesting. It was a bit like Sunchips French Onion except just a little different. Overall, these were okay, but you can get a bigger bag of Sunchips or Doritos for a much more affordable price.

Japanese Corn Snack: 6/10

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