Thursday, July 29, 2010

Japan Loot part 8

I'm somewhat familiar with the next item I'm about to write about. I've written about a product from this brand before and I didn't exactly praise it. However, despite it not being my favorite brand of chocolate, I will do my duty:

Another LOOK chocolate bar and this time it's Parfait A La Mode. I don't know why I'm not a big fan of this chocolate. Maybe it's the chocolate and not the filling that I have an issue with. Regardless, I tried to keep an open mind about this. At the time that Karina and Phil gave this to me, I hadn't seen it yet in markets. However, I have recently seen it on at least two occasions. Back to the candy, this time I assume it's going to be some sort of creamy substance with fruit flavoring

From left to right: Blueberry Parfait, Pudding Parfait, Strawberry Parfait, Chocolate Parfait

What's not shown in the picture is the fruit filling. Yes, right above that creamy layer is a spread of fruit jam or something. Some of it oozed out when I tried getting the picture above. Right off the bat, I really liked the blueberry parfait flavor. I don't know what it is about blueberry filling, but I really enjoy it. I'm not sure how many widely available candies have blueberry outside of fruit snacks. I also really like Meiji brand Blueberry Chocolate bars as well. The pudding parfait flavor was not my favorite. That's not to say it was bad, but it was because I couldn't tell what it was. I have no idea what pudding parfait tastes like. Moving on, strawberry parfait was good, but not as good as blueberry parfait. I could definitely smell the strawberry flavoring in it. The chocolate parfait tasted and smelled like coffee. Not exactly chocolate, but hey, it's different from the other fruity flavors. I think this was a better showing than the previous LOOK product I wrote about, but I still have an issue about the chocolate. Something about their chocolate rubs me the wrong way. Regardless though, I will state it again, this is better than LOOK Baskin Robbins.

LOOK Parfait A La Mode: 7/10

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