Thursday, July 22, 2010

Japan Loot part 4

Okay, this time I've finally decided to not do a review on the remaining chocolate candy that Phil and Karina got for me, and I've decided to do it on:

Grape Soda and Grape flavored gumies. When I saw this bag, I thought this was an interesting concept and wondered as to how grape soda would taste different from grape. The picture of the grape soda looks pretty refreshing, but it looks like there's tons of ice in there. I also wonder what that mascot with the sunglasses on top is all about

Top grape, bottom grape soda

I decided to try the grape flavored gummy first. The flavor reminded me of a Kasugai Gummy or any other sort of muscat/grape candy, but it was the texture once again that really won me over with this candy. The chewiness seems just right, and I was glad that it wasn't too chewy nor was it too soft. When I tried the grape soda one, my first impression was, "Well, this certainly is soda flavored." I honestly could not taste or smell any sort of grape flavor in the soda one. I wouldn't say I was let down, but the grape soda could have been better if it had some trace hints of being grape flavored. Overall however, the excellent texture and the grape flavor made this one very good.

Grape Soda and Grape Gummies: 8.5/10

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