Monday, July 26, 2010

Japan Loot part 6

If I recall, the next candy was advertised to me by Karina and Phil as, "Hella good", so I saved this for one of the last entries.

There are four flavors, as shown on this bag. There's grape, lemon, apple, and soda. I noticed that this bag has a ziplock seal, which is very convenient for later eating purposes. I was also told that I was supposed to open a packet of some sort of powder and shake it up, so that's probably why they have a ziplock seal

Here are the candies next to the packet of powder. The colors should be self explanatory, but I'll list them anyway: grape (purple), apple (red), soda (blue), lemon (yellow)

Instructions on how to do it correctly. For all I know, I could have been doing it terribly wrong though

Candy lightly dusted in crack

What did I expect? I don't really know what I expected. Well based on what I felt, I suppose I expected something gummy, which is what I got. I had no idea what the powder would taste like. I expected something sour, but I got something...unique. It was powdered, kind of like powdered sugar. However, it wasn't sour...the best way to put it was that it was refreshing. It was cool and it was slightly sweet. It made what would have been regular gummy candies better by adding an unexpected sensation. Yes, I am confident that without this powder, the candy would have been just good, but with it I'd say it's a little better than good.

Gummy Candy w/ Powder: 7.5/10

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