Monday, July 12, 2010

O'Zack Gyutan Shio-Aji

My first encounter with O'Zack brand chips came a few months ago. The flavor that caught my eye was some sort of cheese flavor. What made them interesting was that they had pictures of blue cheese on the bag. Rarely are there blue cheese flavored snacks, so of course I had to get them. The smell was faintly of blue cheese and the texture reminded me of Popchips. I then tried kimchi jigae flavor which tasted pretty much like kimchi. I had a general idea of what the previous flavors would taste like, but I didn't know what the next flavor would taste like.

Looking at the picture, I assumed that it was some sort of beef flavored. I looked on the internet and apparently gyutan means beef tongue. Shio-aji...I'm going to assume is what it's seasoned with. Anyway, beef flavored chips? Count me in!

What the chip looks like

My first impression when I ate these chips were that they had a citrus flavor and aroma. I figured that they were seasoned with some sort of citrus. I also noticed that it had a slight smoky scent to it, which I guess was the grilled part of the chip. The taste and smell were oddly familiar to me. They didn't really remind me of grilled meat.

It took me a while to figure out what it was, but I figured that it reminded me of "Hot Dog on a Stick". It may sound crazy, but the citrus smell and the flavor all reminded me of getting a Hot Dog on a Stick and some lemonade. This, of course, means that I liked this chip. Even though it didn't remind me of grilled meat, it reminded me of something very good. Overall, I liked these chips, and I would buy them again.

O'Zack Gyutan Shio-Aji: 7.5/10

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