Sunday, April 25, 2010

Candy Randoms: Japanese chewy candies again

Well, here's another edition of candy randoms. I once again bring to you things that I happened to run across at convenience stores and markets. You may ask, "Doesn't that mean that most entries you've done could fall under the category of 'Candy Randoms'?" and to that I say to you, "Be quiet."

Today we're going to be taking a look at Japanese chewy candies again. Again, they come in sticks and are individually wrapped. The first one that I tried was cola flavored:

I like the packaging. I too would like to take a bath in soda. However, it'd have to be diet soda so that I could both save calories and not be sticky when I come out.

For some reason I found this picture of the candy to be hilarious

It's not a caramel chew no matter how much it looks like one

Well there were no surprises with this candy. It tasted as I expected, and that flavor is cola. There were little gummy orbs and pieces of baking soda that helped change the texture. I enjoy the texture of these candies because they're very reminiscent of Hi-Chew. If you like cola flavor then this candy should be a hit. It's a nice departure from the hard candies and cola flavored gummy candy.

Next up, we have a candy that I have no idea what the flavor is.

Yeah, I'm going to need some translation here. To the left it looks like there's a cherry, but in the middle there's some sort of yellow thing. The candy does look very fashionable compared to its naked counterparts. It's got wooden sandals, a bandana, a jacket, and an awesome mustache. Definitely better dressed than the naked candy taking a cola shower.

It says "LOVE" on the back of the candy's jacket. The English label and ingredient list are of no help in figuring out what this flavor is

There's hearts coming from the candy. There's also a diagram of what he looks like naked

I think I can rule out cherry flavor

This view doesn't give me any clues either

What was this mystery flavor? When I first bit into it I smelled a bit of watermelon. I can't be sure of what it was supposed to be, but to me it definitely tasted like biting into watermelon gum. Then as it started dissolving I started smelling yogurt. This is an edition of "Candy Randoms" that's going to need someone who knows Japanese. Anyway, I liked it despite not knowing it was because it was sweet and the texture was good. This also has little gummy orbs and baking soda in it.

And so ends this edition of "Candy Randoms". I have one flavor that is very familiar to me and one flavor which I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. Hopefully someone can come in and give some input and tell me what it's supposed to be. who knows what I'll pick up next? I wonder what I'll pick up next.

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  1. The name of this candy is Puccho and the second flavor is (meant to be) cream soda.