Friday, April 2, 2010

Strawberry Milanos, a new challenger

Today when I was walking toward the cashier at my local Target, I saw something marketed as new near the impulse section:

I wondered, to myself, if these could be better than Double Chocolate Milanos. Double Chocolate Milanos, in my opinion, are the best kinds of Milanos because they often times I find that there's too much biscuit to chocolate in other kinds of Milanos. Anyway, back to the point, I immediately grabbed a bag despite the fact that these weren't marked down unlike the other kinds of Milanos.

Driving home as quickly as I could, I looked forward eating these cookies. In the world of chocolate, I rarely see a strawberry-chocolate combination. It really made me think because chocolate-covered strawberries are delicious. Candy makers should stop tippy-toeing around strawberries and chocolate and start making strawberry chocolate. I mean, they have orange chocolate, and have you ever tried chocolate-covered oranges? They're not that great. Unlike of course, chocolate-covered strawberries.

Once I got home, I pulled out one of these:

Looking at the bag, I was somewhat disappointed with what I got. I was expecting a good layer of strawberry filling, but it seemed as if there was a scant amount. I decided to break the cookie in half:

Eh...I suppose you can see the strawberry filling, but not really. How did it taste? Again, compared to Double Chocolate Milanos, the biscuits really steal the thunder, or I suppose mask it. Honestly, if you gave me these and Raspberry Milanos, I probably couldn't tell the difference. It's unfortunate that the strawberry-chocolate combination wasn't as great as I expected, but it's probably because the biscuit to chocolate ratio was uneven. I won't give up on finding a bar with this combination, but it's not found here. My verdict is that if you like Milanos then you should get these just to see if you like them. I'm still a Double Chocolate Milano man.

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