Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oreos: Now in Japanese stick form

While out buying candy to post about and to consume, I ran across something rather interesting. It seemed as if other countries were getting different varieties of snacks and candies we have here. I had known about Kit-Kats being different in other parts of the world before, but this item I ran across was rather interesting:

When I think of Oreos, I think of dark cookies with cream in the middle. Apparently when the Japanese think of Oreos, they think of cookie sticks covered in cream. Actually, I don't know if they have regular Oreos in Japan, I just like assuming, it makes things more interesting. Anyway, like most of my purchases, I bought this on impulse and decided to see what this would be like.

These sticks come individually wrapped. I don't know what the bottom right says, but it looks like a postage marker, so I'll assume you're supposed to send these somewhere. Or maybe this is a gift someone sent to me. Regardless, the packaging is very clean and basic, so let's move on the cookie stick itself.

I guess it's an Oreo in stick form and then covered with cream or white chocolate I suppose on top. The cookie was not like an Oreo, but rather it was much more crumbly and flaky than what I expected. The cream could have been a harder version of Oreo cream. If you gave this to someone in a blind taste test, they'd have a hard time telling you that this was in anyway related to Oreo cookies. These were intersting, but I'd rather stick to regular Oreos that I can find anywhere, as opposed to these sticks which I assume can only be found in Japanese or Asian markets.

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