Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kit Kat Attack: c'est fini

So I decided to save time and posts by doing an entry wrapping up my Kit Kat journey. The third variety in the Kit Kat series comes in a the non-standard large bar form:

This Kit Kat is about the same size as a normal candy bar. Unlike most Kit Kats, it does not come in sections. Once again there is a label on the left displaying the calories in the Kit Kat. Also there's a picture of bananas to better get the point across.

As soon as I opened the wrapper, a strong banana smell came out immediately. Unfortunately, it was the sickly Laffy Taffy like banana smell; the smell was extremely artificial. The bar looks basically like a large and yellow Kit Kat bar. On top of them bar "Kit Kat" is printed.

Oh I'm sure to find gold in a Kit Kat one of these days

Well the Banana Kit Kat tasted rather artificial. It was a bit too sweet and didn't smell quite right. Of all the Kit Kats I tried, this was at the bottom of the pile. I believe if it were less sweet and richer than it would have been better. I'd much rather have a milk chocolate Kit Kat over this.

And lastly we have...

Green Tea Kit Kat I guess? Well, it was labeled as "Sakura" so I guess there's some cherry blossom essence in there. I'm not quite sure.

I took a picture of the back of the box because it looks like this could be sent as a gift to someone. I'm going to say Japanese Santa Clause (Santa KUROSU!) sends these as gifts to good children. I'm sure there's a coal flavor out there for naughty children.

Yep, nothing new here

From this we can assume it is green tea flavored

Well, the first thing I tasted when I bit into this was the wafer. It wasn't until I held it in my mouth for a bit that the green tea flavor came through. This wasn't as sweet as the other Kit Kats, which was nice. I thought that this Kit Kat was a good way to end it because it wasn't mind blowingly good, but it was good enough to enjoy.

Here is how I would rank the Kit Kats I tried:

1. Maple Kit Kat
2. Sakura Kit Kat
3. Flan Kit Kat
4. Banana Kit Kat

What did I learn from this? I learned that sometimes, more flavors doesn't always mean better flavors. White Chocolate Kit Kats are definitely better than half of the flavors I've had here and I would say that at this moment I'd probably prefer it over Maple Kit Kat. However, among the four flavors Maple is worth getting because, as I said before, it reminded me of Waffle Crisp. If that's not your thing, a big bag of Kit Kats at Target is far cheaper than these foreign Kit Kats.

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