Thursday, April 22, 2010

Japanese Soda Candy #2: Fizzy, fizzy, fizzy

This is the second episode of Japanese Soda Candy and this time I'd like to review a candy that's fizzy from beginning to end. This was a random pick up, so it's serendipity that it would be fizzy. Some random pick ups I've made have backfired because it turned out that only one of the flavors was fizzy. Not this one though:

This one comes with five flavors and I have no idea what it says. However, I do know that the flavors are clearly pictured. There's apple, melon, grape, orange, and soda. There aren't cute little characters on the bag, but there logo does look like it's in some sort of soda ocean.

On the back there's a little man on the lower left. It says "Something something", so I guess it's asking us to visit their website. Otherwise, the back of the bag is rather unimpressive.

Top: apple, melon
Bottom: grape, orange, soda

Well here are the candies with their wrapper next to them. They're round and don't have little faces on them. The more I look at this candy, the more generic it looks. The fizz in this candy is a bit light, but it's noticeable. Here's how I rated the flavors:

1. Apple: I'm quite partial to apple flavored candies. This is probably why I thought this was the best flavor. It had a nice apple flavor and apple smell. There's not much else to say.

2. Melon: This flavor was a very close second. If you like melon flavored candies then you'll enjoy this candy very much. I was debating between having this or apple be the best one, but like I said before, I'm partial to apple flavored candies. If you could go either way you might have this better than the apple.

3. Soda: I'm not sure why, but this soda flavor appeal to me as much as other soda flavored candies. I think it's because the flavor and soda smell weren't very noticeable, thus I couldn't really tell if the flavor was all that good. A solid flavor, but definitely middle of the pack at best.

4. Orange: Eh...I've stated before that I'm not a fan of orange flavored candies, with the exception of Italian Mike & Ikes. A very typical orange flavor with nothing that makes it any better or any worse than other orange flavored candies.

5. Grape: I'm just not a fan of Dimetapp, and that's pretty much what this flavor tasted like. It's odd because there are some grape flavored candies I really like, while there are others that just taste like cough syrup to me. Not a bad flavor, but it was definitely my least favorite of the bunch.

I liked this Japanese soda candy better than the first one I wrote about. The flavors are clear and identifiable. Apple and melon flavor alone blow the previous candy away by miles. I now wonder what other Japanese soda candies I may find in the aisles of markets. Will I choose one that I'm familiar with or will I write about one like this one where I have no idea what it is? Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. hi do you know what the the brand is called i would love to try these