Monday, April 5, 2010

Candy Randoms: Japanese gummy candy

I often spend unnecessary amounts of money buying candy, especially when I see candies that I wouldn't normally see anywhere else. An example of this is when I go into a specialty candy store or into an Asian market. Hence I will be posting Candy Randoms, a series in which I comment on impulse buys. Below are candies that I purchased from a Japanese market. These candies are sometimes stacked in front of the cashier and are marketed toward impulse buyers like myself.

I'm not even going to try and translate what this says. According to the picture there's a white candy with multi-colored orbs in it.

Here's what the candy looks like unwrapped.It doesn't look as colorful as the wrapper displayed, but it certainly is colorful. It looks kind of like an eraser. Anyway how does this candy taste? Well, the consistency is like Hi-Chew, but a little tougher. There are also little jelly orbs in them that are a bit tougher than the white part. An interesting candy and the packaging is nice.

Here's a peach version of the candy above. Or is that a butt? You don't know, but I hope it's peach flavored. Unlike the other candy, the orbs that are shown are only pink, which makes sense since it's peach flavored.

As you can see the candy is much lighter than the previous candy. The consistency is just like the previous candy and the flavor is about the same except it has a bit of peach flavor to it. I liked this candy, but my students did not like it as much as other variations. They cited a "weird aftertaste" as the main reason as to why they didn't like it. I did not detect anything odd, but it's one man's word against his students'.

Overall, these candies are a nice departure from what candies I normally eat. However, I suppose I've been visiting Asian markets so much, that I eat these candies more than candies I would see at an American supermarket. Try to find an Asian market with these candies so that you can experience something new. Unless you're from Japan or something, then it's old news I suppose.

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